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Seated cable row Sit facing the cable row machine and place your feet on the foot rests. Grasp the double-row bar and slide your bottom backward until your knees are almost straight. You torso should be leaning forward and your arms and shoulders should be stretching forward.
Wheel rollout Kneel on the floor holding both handles of the wheel using a pronated (overhand) grip. Place the wheel in front of your knees and lean over it so that it supports your upper body. Straighten your lower back. You must maintain a straight lower back when you roll out. Your lower back must not sag.
Dumbbell lying external shoulder rotation Lie on your side, either supporting your upper body on your elbow and forearm, resting your head in your hand, or even resting your head on a pillow. Grasp a dumbbell with your free hand, bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle, rest your elbow against your side, and lower your forearm across your belly.
Bent-over row Dumbbell row with a bench